Wokamon World Cup Quiz! Win Big Prizes!

Guess which team will win the FIFA World Cup 2018!
Win voucherIcon%402x x 2500 (topaz) for all participants who guessed right!

Quiz ends 12:00 PM Friday, June 29, 2018 (GMT+8)

  • flag-of-Argentina Argentina
  • flag-of-Australia Australia
  • flag-of-Belgium Belgium
  • flag-of-Brazil Brazil
  • flag-of-Colombia Colombia
  • flag-of-Costa-Rica Costa Rica
  • flag-of-Croatia Croatia
  • flag-of-Denmark Denmark
  • flag-of-Egypt Egypt
  • flag-of-England England
  • flag-of-France France
  • flag-of-Germany Germany
  • flag-of-Iceland Iceland
  • flag-of-Iran Iran
  • flag-of-Japan Japan
  • flag-of-Korea-South Korea
  • flag-of-Mexico Mexico
  • flag-of-Morocco Morocco
  • flag-of-Nigeria Nigeria
  • flag-of-Panama Panama
  • flag-of-Peru Peru
  • flag-of-Poland Poland
  • flag-of-Portugal Portugal
  • flag-of-Russia Russia
  • flag-of-Saudi-Arabia Saudi Arabia
  • flag-of-Senegal Senegal
  • flag-of-Serbia Serbia
  • flag-of-Spain Spain
  • flag-of-Sweden Sweden
  • flag-of-Switzerland Switzerland
  • flag-of-Tunisia Tunisia
  • flag-of-Uruguay Uruguay
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@TDS @Vissott

Congratulations! France has won the World Cup! :tada::tada::tada:

Please leave your Wokamon name (Facebook name) in your reply and we’ll organize the prizes as soon as we receive them. You can also PM us your Facebook name. :smiley:

Vicky Issott. Thanks!

The topazes have been sent to your account. Please remember to claim them via the game message section. :wink:

My fb name is Wwjimd

@Zaq_Mosher Thanks for the reply. The prizes are for the quiz winners and the quiz has ended. Please stay tuned for future events. :slight_smile: