Wokamon not scaling as much

I’ve noticed after the first 5-6 Wokamon that the amount of gems they create stopped scaling at the same rate. I assume this is by design, but it’s frustrating. My first Wokamon earns 6.4B crystals at lvl 500, my second earns 15B at lvl 340, my third almost 4T at lvl 300. However my 7th and 8th are only about 40aa apart when almost the same lvl. I was expecting some bb crystals by now.

Do different wokamon have different crystal levels? Am I just choosing my next wokamon poorly? I thought that maybe an 800 topaz unlock might give me better results than a free one, but that didn’t seem to be the case.

I realised the same too! This design doesn’t help with encouraging the clocking of more steps. :frowning:

Hi @Seekret1, we’ll look into those xp details more closely. This issue needs to take a bit of time and handled with extreme care because it could change existing users’ experience.