Wokamon App Suggestions

Hi! I just got a new apple watch and downloaded Wokamon yesterday. I’ve been addicted ever since. I have two suggestions for the game programmers:

1) Can you please make it so that when we accessorize our Wokamon, those custom accessories also show up on our apple watch screen? As of right now, it just shows the Wokamon naked without the new accessories we get for them.

2) When we level up our worlds, it would be cool to see new designs or things added in the background. For example, in the Forest World, for every time we level up the world, there might a new tree or some flowers. Or maybe we could have options of things to purchase to decorate the background of the world instead?

I appreciate your consideration of these suggestions. Thank you for designing such a fun and active game! :slight_smile:

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Are you remembering to equip them with the new accessories? It isn’t automatic

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Yeah, I am equipping them with the new accessories but the accessories only show on the app on my phone. The Wokamon on my Apple Watch still stays “naked.” My Apple Watch doesn’t show the accessories on the Wokamon. Is it glitch?

That’s as far as my helpfulness goes unfortunately, I know nothing about Apple watch.

Hi Thanks for contacting us,

For 1: Because the Apple Watch‘s performance deficiency and App size limit, we probably can’t afford to add accessories to Apple Watch

For 2: For app size limit, We provide background change every 10 level.