Wisdom set for mages

I have full set of wisdom armor on my mage and even though it says it hits an extra enemy with decreased damage, I will occasionally still only hit 1.

Hi @Daveyycrockett,

The mage skill description is actually a bit off. The default mage skill always hit twice, but they can both land on the same targets. If the target dies after the 1st hit, then the 2nd hit is wasted. This is normally the case when you think the fireball only hits 1 target. We’ll re-write the description in a next update. Sorry for the confusion.


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It’s not even the fireball ability. It’s the wisdom set. It states that I hit “an EXTRA target”. Not that I hit a “target an extra time”


Wait, I’m saving up for the wisdom set because I was under the impression that I could hit 3 targets? I already hit 2 the majority of the time?!?!?