[WIP] Progress loss and restoring


Thank you for that!

Also, which world were you at before the incident? How many ordinary and activated super plants did you have? If we have any trouble locating the progress, we will manually create an account for you.

Thank you for your patience!


Yes, the old data has come across. Thank you very much.


I don’t remember how many activated super plants I had but I had just unlocked the third layer of ice plants. Thank you for your help


Hi Clementine-Queen,

I’ve sent a private message regarding your progress issue.

Thank you!


Thank you so much! Everything is OK. :laughing:


The new username is Mn-c6FKB.



Thank you for getting back. I’m having trouble getting any results with this ID. Pocket Plants IDs are quite tricky and sorry we had to make you type all these out. Could you send me the screenshot of the game settings page? Thank you!


I couldn’t play cuz it was stuck at 91% again so I reinstalled. My first ID was M3JS*Jc$g. The second one was F3QzekG5g. My current ID is v3u8v3xPd. Thanks!



My old ID is MPBTecKxp and my new ID is vC-@~Vxn! can you please help me get my old account with all of my progress back???


the progress is back! thank you so much :smile:


Hi bagelbolt,

I’m really sorry that the loading issue returned. We are urgently investigating the bug at the moment. I have transferred your progress to the new ID. Please let me know if the issue returns. Thank you!


Hi Blackwibg25,

I have refreshed the account on our side. Would you like to see if the progress is back now?

Thank you!


Hi Tmai,

I have transferred the progress to the new ID. Would you like to see if you can access it now?


Hi, I’ve lost my progress too. Don’t know my old ID, but my Name was Eni and my new ID is FnnnCZQ3*. Thanks in advance


Hi Eni,

I’ve transferred the progress to your new ID. Would you like to see if you can access the progress now? Thank you!


It was successful :smile: Thanks a lot. Greetings from Germany


Thank you so much for your help!


It worked! But a day later, it’s stuck at 91% again. Is there any other solution?
Edit: I reinstalled again, new ID is v3G~kdjP!


Yes here the same… it stops loading at 91 or 92 % again :unamused: