Why was I moved to League ZZZ?!

Please move me back (I was in League B) and send me some crystals so I can participate in additional arena attacks tomorrow. How did this even happen? I’ve done nothing different or out of the ordinary. While you’re correcting it, could you please look into why my Dark Rush isn’t working for this account too?

User ID: rxmynm


I just went back into the app right after posting this and am now in League I? What is going on?!

No need to send the crystals, I’ll just do my normal number of attacks in League I, sorry to the other players in that league.

Hi @radiocricket, this is due to a false ban with our updated detection algorithm. I’ve placed you back to your league and really sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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@radiocricket we’ve also identified your account problem related to the Dark Rush (it’s super weird). It will be fixed in the next update and we’ll then send over some compensation for the trouble you’ve gone through! Thank you for your patience!


@marspark, thanks so much for correcting putting me back in the correct league (and a quick thanks for the mage outfit rewards this season). Did @annywyl and I correctly figure out that there’s some correlation between the Dark Wave team building and the false bans? I just don’t want to repeat the mistake.

Also, thanks for figuring out what was going on with my Dark Wave challenges. I doesn’t surprise me it was something weird. I’ll look forward to the upgrade you guys are working on. I know things must be crazy on your end and I appreciate you taking the time to address the problems of individual players.



This is what’s happened to my account!

Can you please message me your game id?

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@Sanjin_Fajic Hi, unfortunately we won’t place you back to the normal league. However if you have purchased anything, we can add those items to your new progress.