Why i can't login my account

i can’t login my account in the game,but i have this shikudo account…


Thank you for reaching out. Can you please elaborate a bit more about your issue? Are you saying you can’t bind the shikudo account to your existing game progress?


Shikudo apps are login and create accounts from https://account.shikudo.com. If you have not yet created an account, you are unable to log in from the application. If you signup over here, that one is not an app accounts but it is a forum account. You can use third-party services to restore the focus plant app’s data. The email must be registered and the password contains at least 8 characters and contains 1 specific number. You also don’t see the 2 step verification settings that must be the app accounts. Actually, these things can be found on the website. The different sign-in screens on the forum.shikudo.com whereas on the account.shikudo.com. The sign-in screen appears as a rectangle on the forums whereas the focus accounts appear as a square. All the forums have second-step verification settings and delete account settings whereas the focus account does not have these settings. After you logged in, you will see this thing.

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I can not enter my account because it indicates that the email is not valid?

@ToomMoon Hi, thank you for reaching out. If you can’t find your email, please let me know the game id that binds the shikudo account so I can double check in our database. For faster reply, you can email me: mars.zhu@shikudo.com

Do you know your currently using email address on shikudo accounts that you might use somewhere else? If you signed up with that address, that might be the email login to your shikudo accounts. If you saw this message from noreply@shikudo.com say verify your email address on shikudo accounts on the email address on the inbox? You need to know where is your current email address. That must be your signed up email address on shikudo accounts. If you saw unknown error on shikudo accounts, that might be the communication with the server problems. If you don’t know your email address, you need to remember your old game id. This game id can be found when you are establishing a connection to the address on the bottom of the app and on the game settings after you establishing a connection to a server. The game id have just only six characters. Please send the game id to mars.zhu@shikudo.com.

The link is incorrect. The Focus Plants handle URL is Striving Account
If you logged in, you will see a blank screen and this link will not work because you already signed into the apps.
If you have not yet logged in, you will not see a blank screen.

After you logged in, you will be redirected back to the game. Sometimes, the Focus Quest handle link is like that if you have the Focus Quest app installed. Striving Account.
This link can only be used by the Focus Plants or Focus Quest app.