Why has my account been banned?

I have no idea how to ‘exploit’ the game as the message keeps saying and have done nothing wrong. Why has my account been banned? I’ve played the game for a long time and have all the plants, would be absolutely gutted to lose everything :disappointed: Screenshot_20180619-010506|281x500


We are very sorry for the troubles caused.

We have lifted the ban. Our anti-cheat system picked your account by error. We are investigating this. Please let me know if you still have any issues accessing the game. I’ve also send you some compensation pack to make up for the mistake. Please claim them in the game message section.

Thank you, I’m glad to be able to play again!

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I can’t log on to my account either. I saved it in the cloud but for some reason it was overwritten even though I certainly did not do that. I hopeyou can help me with this? I’m not able to type my username on the current keyboard I’m using, because of a symbol I used on my phone. I’m trying to add a screenshot that includes my name but for some reason I can only upload a link that doesn’t work. Could you please help me? I really want my account back. Thanks!
(Oh and I couldn’t find your help forum, so I used this discussion group. I hope that’s not a problem.)


Could you send the screenshot of your current ID to ally.zhu@shikudo.com?