Why do I have to tap my monster so much?

I leveled up fairly quickly to this point. Is there away to get all my crystals at once? Or do I have to tap him for 125 levels worth of crystals?

That’s the core of the game and never really goes away. But I will say that once you get accessories that increase the crystals you get from chests, you can do a LOT of upgrading without having to tap much at all. I only actively tap for more crystals when I’m using it to entertain myself. Especially once you get an accessory that increases the amount you get from pink chests, then you get massive rewards from NOT logging on so you can just use those for your upgrades lol

But actively playing (and tapping) IS the only way to get the gold chests (and silver ones but screw those lol) which is really important for getting topazes. So I wouldn’t recommend giving up on it entirely, even if you don’t need those crystals anymore.

I’m guessing you’re still fairly new in the game, so I’ll also tell you this: don’t worry about the crystals. Once you get a bit in, the limiting factor is topazes, not crystals. I spend a lot of time with crystals that I can’t even spend because I max out the accessories on all my wokamon and have to wait to get enough topazes and enough experience to get a new one.

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Thank you for the explanation @Kessa_Turnbull :slight_smile:

Where do you get this info about accessories giving more pink/gold/silver chest… I’ve been looking for what’s the point to upgrade the accessories with topaz. Please help. Thanks