Which îs better for a team Rogue, warrior Or knight?

I have a 4stars warrior and I intend to buy a 5* knight. Or to buy a 5* rogue? Or to upgrade my 70 level 4* warrior?


I’d also like to know this…

What’s your current team makeup? what role are you hoping to use the knight or warrior for?

I would upgrade your damage potential before looking to boost your damage absorbers.

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Rogues has preety high HP (over 200k), so I’d take a damage giver in here with a rogue team.

A warlock can be good. With a 150k HP not bad, and the capabilities are good for giving damage.

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I like the knight. He’s a good punching bag and takes a lot of damage for the team. :facepunch:


Ok I’m a few months off…I keep forgetting about this awesome forum!! I’m upgrading wrong tho! I don’t know what to select as their glyphs and passive skills. Is there a chat regarding this?!