Where are the latest update information?

I haven’t played in a few days then opened my game with the new halloween update, which is really cool, but I am unsure how the new super plant changes work. I can seem to plant some but not others to level it up? what happens as it levels up? how fast does it level up? what do I do to level it up? so many questions…

Hi fpsrandy

Sorry about the confusion. We’ll be adding more explanatory in the next version.

The reason you have a mixed of max-level and need to level super plants is because of the data migration. If you have obtained the super plant in the last version, this super plant will reach max level after you upgrade to the new version. To level up super plants you need to keep collecting pieces, and it will level up automatically. Super plant will give you more energy/amethyst/ruby when you level up them. You can check the ‘book’ section to find out its current value.