When does 6 star show up in Shop?

When does the 6 star equipment show up in the honor shop?

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After you beat 4-10 Hell mode.

Hell mode…

Is it worth saving all my honor until then?

You won’t see the six star equipement all the time. It also shows 4 and 5 star equipment. Maybe save like 1200 /1800 for 2/3 chests. For me it shows like once or twice a week the six star equipment. Don’t know if it will show more often when you’re on a lower level.

On second thought you could save up more and refresh the store with diamonds to get more 6 star equipment. But it’s worth saving up for the six star equipment.

Is hell after nightmare?

Yes. Hell is after nightmare.

Yes save all your honor and take note of which equipment you get for your heroes. You don’t want to pass up a good choice for an item you already have.