What's wrong with Lucky Draw?

I have spent thousands of topazes and haven’t gotten one new Lucky Draw item since the last update - it only levels up accessories I already have . When will this be fixed? Thank you!

Hi @Jennifer_Houlihan, which version of Wokamon are you playing? iOS or Android?

IPhone 6. Lucky Draw hasn’t given me any new items since the “Christmas” upgrade, just leveled up accessories that had already been unlocked. I’ve activated 4 or 5 new Wokemons since then and have gotten no new Lucky Draw items.

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Hi @Jennifer_Houlihan, we’ve just released a new update trying to fix this issue. Can you please let me know your nickname so that i can send you a topaz package for you to tryout the 999 topaz functionality.

Where would I find my nickname? I only see my full name in the app.

@Jennifer_Houlihan I’ve just sent you a topaz package. Please give the x999 lucky a draw a try and let me know if you are still encountering the bug. Thank you!

Sort of…for each 999 package, it upgrades 9 accessories and unlocks one new one. But with regular Lucky Draw, you can spend thousands of topazes and gain nothing new. If the only way to unlock new items is the 999 option, the game should indicate that under the special items and call regular Lucky Draw something else :frowning: Thank you for your work trying to fix this bug!

@Jennifer_Houlihan I’ve just tested the regular lucky draw and it does give me a new accessory. Maybe it’s a bug but it can be a matter of luck. We’ll continue to monitor this issue in the meantime.