What To Do With Lightning Bolts, etc

Hello all:
Still a relatively newbie here, but I’m figuring out most things, BUT, I’ve amassed over 5 million lightning bolts and I have no idea what to do with them. Also have 600+ amythyst, and 250+ rubies.

What is my next step other than just growing plants?

Any help is much appreciated!

Kind regards,

You may find it helpful to google a “tip” web site ? But basically yes, you are creating new plants in each world before you can unlock the next world — make some “friends” and visit them, unlock treasure chests, finish others orders, build up your “super” plants …it’s rather addictive once you get into it and believe me you’ll need all the lightening bolts (energy) plus your rubies and amethysts you can muster to progress !! Hope you enjoy :blush:

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Ps I’ve tended to only use rubies in the plant store for either individual pieces, or backpacks and treasure chests — you’ll find as you get your super plants all grown up they speed the game up

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