What’s the use of “friends”

Hey there!

I have been using the app for around two weeks now and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve now added around 5 friends, but I can’t understand what we can do as friends…

I mean, I see we can help the nursery plants, but it’s such a huuuuuuge amount every time to help a friend, I don’t even dare. As I have my own veeeery thirsty plants to tend to as well.

Is there a way that we just help out with some raindrops? And not all? Or do we get more raindrops if we are focusing with a friend in a group?

My friend ID by the way: njv4ek

Thank you for helping me understand this and adding me :grinning:


Thank you for reaching out. We’ll release more friend features in the next update, please stay tuned!