What’s the point of nursery raindrops?

Nursery may be a good step for community teamwork, but what’s the point of helping out the friends option if the raindrops work like this all or nothing.
If you want to keep the prices so high for bonding, then Atleast keep it as a pool- so friends can put in as much as they want.
Rather than it being one time payment of all or nothing!


Thanks for pointing it out. The feature was designed for high-level players to help out low-level friends because the raindrop required is calculated based on the plant progress of the plant owner. i.e if you have unlocked 200 plants and are helping out a friend who has only unlocked 30 plants, then the raindrop cost is trivial to you.

We’ll pay attention to more feedback like yours and see if we should make any adjustments. Thanks again.

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