What’s the benefit to being a creator of a guild?

Are there any benefits to being a creator? Many responsibilities? Can you be the creator or more than one guild?


  • You get to name it.
  • You get to provide its description.
  • You control it. Inactive players can be removed.


  • Expensive to make as a new player. Costs a lot of resources that would otherwise level your heroes.
  • The longer you take to make it, the less popular it will probably be. Most active players gravitate to the bigger guilds which provide more daily rewards.


  • You must kick inactive players out. You decide what inactive means. Might mean player is inactive a day. Might mean inactive a week.
  • You can decide who joins, which is great if you have a bunch of friends and you all want to be in the same guild.
  • You must level the guild up when it has acquired enough points. It’s an easy task. Just push a button. Otherwise, the guild will stop growing and your members won’t be happy.
  • You can promote members to co-leader and elite members, if you choose to do so. Elite doesn’t currently do much, but it does permanently move them near the top of the member list and denotes extra appreciation for being a great member.

I think you could exit a guild you created and make a new one but you can’t control two at the same time.

Hope this helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

Update: Bonus Pro:

  • Since you provide the description of the guild, you can easily share your master code when looking for apprentices (free advertising). Once you have 30 apprentices (the maximum), you can remove the advertising.