What is the point/purpose/advantage to “new” servers?

Hello! Sorry if I sound dumb, but I don’t understand what’s the deal with the different servers? I think I’m currently on/in the one called “Twin Peaks”, but I think two “new” ones have been added, and it seems like folks can choose to switch between the servers??? What is the purpose of the servers, and what is the reason/advantages for/to switching to a different server? Is there a “better” one to be on/in? Thank you!

When an old server has opened for too long, early players would have a tremendous advantage against the new players. Therefore, the new servers are introduced so they can again compete at the same level.

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This s why I was hoping that a new server would launch when I was playing on the last server. I started quite a few months after the last server had launched.

I was willing to pay for the subscription just for the magnet feature, but that was all I was willing to pay for. I was also willing to play on that server long-term though, because I was having fun.

When the new server launched, the playing field had been leveled. I switched to the new server. I’ve now embraced the pay model to compete more effectively with others who are also willing to pay. I will most likely remain permanently on this new server (Power Tablet).

There may come a time, in the distant future, when I wish to take what I’ve learned and start over on an even newer server. One never knows for sure. That’s not something I’m planning. Would be expensive to start over for those who bought a lot of stuff. Stuff that will be left behind.