What is the meaning of the Talents section?

Hi guys!

I don’t quite understand how the talents section works. I open some icons, but I do not understand what this means?

It is also not clear whether you need to open it once or you can pump it (as for example, I have some icons pumped to the second level)?

And what is the difference between basic talent and class talent?


Thank you for reaching out.

  1. Talent provides bonuses to either your hero or resources gathering. Please click on each talent to check the benefits.
  2. You’ll need to unlock a certain number of talents before unlocking the next row.
  3. Class talent is tied to each class and can be reset once you switch to another class.

I don’t get the point, sorry

I open the cells, but at the same time they can be pumped, as for example on the screenshot, somewhere I have a cell at the same level (layer 6 and 7), and somewhere I pumped the cell to level 2 (layer 5) and I can’t understand which is better . Open new cells and open new layers with them or pump existing ones?

or second moment

how 1 layer differs from 6 (just like 2 from 9) they have the same icons and values inside

The layers will offer the same benefits, but the costs will increase, the deeper you go.

I recommend getting the skill slots and then evening it out.
You can spec a bit heavier into XP or currency gain in the basics tree if you like.

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