Whale Raindrop Rate Bug

The screenshot was taken exactly 10 minutes after clicking on the collect button. It shows 42 raindrops (out of 600).

The text at the bottom shows a 139% increase.

1 + 1 x 139% = 2.39

I should get 2.39 raindrops per minute. I’m actually currently getting 4.2 raindrops per minute.

Perhaps the default is not 1 per minute but more like 1.75 per minute rounded down?

1.75 + 1.75 x 139% = 4.18

This would also explain why it says +2 in the parentheses (instead of +1 as I would expect).

1.75 x 139% = 2.43

In any event, this is another reason why more precision should be shown here. Some people (like me) are going to want to know how long it takes before the whale reaches maximum capacity, so they can collect the raindrops before it does.

In fact, in might be nice to show how long it will be so some of us don’t have to do the math separately. :thinking:

Maybe a countdown timer? :thinking:

Max capacity in 3.7 hours.

Thank you for reporting it, the bug is confirmed (just a display issue) and will be addressed in the next update!

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