Welcome to Beta testing!

=====20th Dec 2017 UPDATE=====
Beta is now live!

=====15th Dec 2017 UPDATE=====
Sorry everyone, we are resolving some unexpected bugs at the moment. We are doing all we can to fix them ASAP. Hopefully we can get the build ready in the next couple of days. Thank you for your understanding!

========Original message=======
Hi guys,

We are aiming to release the beta version this Friday (15/Dec). This means the Early Access program is officially ended and all user data will be DELETED. We’ll send a crystal package to everyone from the Early Access program.

We will try our best to carry over your beta data to the live version IF WE DO NOT MAKE drastic changes to the game system. Please do not panic if we do as we’ll compensate everyone. We’ll also send out some gifts to you guys when we about to release it to the live version.


  1. Support Fitbit (and possibly Google Fit for Andoird)
  2. Purchase additional hero customizations
  3. Additional storyline
  4. Improved set effects for set equipment
  5. Fixed some critical step-tracking issue on Android Oreo
  6. Simplify the currency UI system
  7. A lot of bug fixes
  8. A lot of minor UI changes
  9. More equipments and more sets
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