We now have zero choice it is a robot game

all choice has been taken away from us it is not our game any longer but a chance robot gone.

what was fun and gave us s choice of what we want to do has been stripped away and now all is robots as we cannot level up who’s we want it is simply stupid now.

a shame as it was fun but you have taken all away. ginny

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Hi @G_Paris_Powell, thank you for your feedback. The new system was carefully crafted and iterated for a couple of rounds based on our beta testers’ feedback. However we do know no system is perfect and some of our users may not like it. Therefore we’ll pay extra attention to the overall performance from our analytics and will amend it if it doesn’t meet our expectations. Thank you for your patience and support :slight_smile:

Yeah, I used to play religiously. Now I hardly open the app. If I do, it’s to send likes to my friends. Other than that… Pretty much over wokamon.
I’m enjoying pocket plants though!