Warrior Destiny Armor set

Hello, the full set of the Destiny Armor set is not working. It should be casting iron skin on all character in casters row but it still on casts on warrior.

@Labe38 thank you for your feedback. There’s currently a glitch and we’ll fix this in the next update.

@marspark Hi there, there seems to be a problem with the valor/destiny armor set. as described above, that it should be casting iron skin on all character in casters row but it still on casts on warrior.

Hi @viiviiz thank you for reaching out. I think the target should be all heroes on the same row or same line. Can you please confirm if that’s not the case?

Hi @marspark, thanks for your reply. My warrior is using the valor set and it seems like the set effect only works in the arena. Just wanna check if it works on adventure mode or dark rush etc.

Also, just to confirm, by same row or same line, does it mean only the warrior and the character placed directly behind the warrior gets the buff?


Destiny Armor affects all in same row if you have at least 5 pieces of the set equipped.

There are 2 rows and 3 lines for your heroes, for a total of 6 placements.

The front row has the 3 positions closest to the enemy. The back row has the 3 positions farthest from the enemy. If there is a hero in the front row and there is another hero directly behind that hero in the back row, then both heroes are in the same line.

If the warrior is placed in the front row, then the Destiny Armor will affect any heroes also placed in the front row.

If you want to place the warrior in the front row and have its 4-star armor affect the hero directly behind the warrior in the back row, then you will need a set of Valor Armor instead of Destiny Armor (since Valor Armor affects heroes in the same line instead of heroes in the same row).

I should also add that neither sets of armor will apply their effects unless the warrior casts Iron Skin. That might be why you are seeing it in the arena and not elsewhere. In the arena, the warrior will cast Iron Skin. Elsewhere, it is your choice to cast it or not. :thinking:

Hope this helps clear up some of the confusion. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi there, alright. thanks for the detailed explanation and clarification! really appreciate it.

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I just got 5 pc valor gear and it isn’t affecting anyone else but the warrior currently.

Hi, can I please grab a screenshot of your team formation? Please note that the set effect affects other heroes who are in the same row as the warrior.

I found out that it works as long as it’s in auto mode. It doesn’t if I manually cast. Is it meant to do this or is this a bug? Seems like it should work whether in auto or manual mode

It should work in either mode. Can I please grab your game id so we can take a look? Thanks!