Wanderlust Guild [Pump Garden]

Greetings and welcome to Wanderlust! The aim of this guild is to have fun while keeping active, with a bit of healthy competition thrown in. In order to give members an easy and transparent view of the guild, the following information is provided:

Requirements for Membership

  • Level 15+ (as per minimum game requirements)
  • Active player
  • Daily check-ins

While the following are not requirements, they do help our guild grow quickly:

  • Super check-ins
  • Playing lottery

Elite Members

Elite members are selected once a week, on Sundays. Currently, our guild can hold four (4) elite members. In order to be crowned an elite member, the following is required:

  • Ranked amongst the top four (4) members Please note that the guild leader’s points do not count in this listing.
  • Active within the last three (3) days (to be ranked)

Kick Guidelines

While it’s not pleasant to have to kick someone out of the guild, non-participation causes our Group Check-in Rewards to diminish in value. Daily check-ins benefit the entire guild, not only by growing it, but by giving all members rewards.

The following are the kick guidelines for our guild:

  • Ranked 1-10: 9 days
  • Ranked 11-20: 7 days
  • Ranked 21-30: 5 days
  • Ranked 31-38: 3 days

Exception: If you know you will be inactive for longer than the above-stated timeframes and still wish to remain a part of the guild, please leave a reply to this post with the following information:

* Your username
* The duration of your absence

This board will be checked prior to the kicking of inactive members.

Have fun playing, and keep on enjoying every moment of your life. :smile:

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We didnt even get to 25 check-ins last time, gotta kick some people :wink:

A few inactive members have been removed last night and this morning (as per kick guidelines). It’s unfortunate that we’re not currently able to hit 30 check-ins (with 8 additional daily buffer spots for inactivity), but we’ll get there one day. :slight_smile:

One thing to keep in mind is that members who join our guild, after having been previously part of another guild, must wait before being able to perform activities. This sometimes drops our check-in numbers.

The member roster will be checked on a regular basis, in order to continue fostering and maintaining our strong guild. 25-30 consistent daily check-ins…here we come!

I hope you’re having fun playing and enjoying the game.

For sure yeah, i hope we can hit 30 very soon

I’m in, thanks for having me!

I started playing yesterday, so I’m still getting the hang of the more advanced mechanics, may I ask a general question?
How do super check ins and lottery tickets help the guild grow? And, if we are a little stingy with our diamonds, the only thing we can do to help is checking in?

Loved the guild’s name btw. Beatifull choice.

Welcome to the guild :slight_smile:

When checking in, in addition to receiving rewards (20 stamina and 20 guild coins), you contribute 10 points to the guild. When doing a super check-in, your rewards increase to 50 stamina and 40 guild coins, and your contribution to the guild increases to 20 points.

These points are used to upgrade our guild to the next level, where we unlock different features for our guild, such as increasing the number of elite members and member capacity.

When purchasing lottery, you get an instant reward of 10 guild coins and 4 points to contribute to the guild (per entry). If you’re lucky and win the lottery, you win the Prize Pool at the end of the draw.

To help summarizing and make it a bit easier to decipher, I’ll list the guild points contributions (based on activity type):

  • Check-in: 10 points
  • Super check in: 20 points
  • Lottery (per entry): 4 points (max 10 daily entries)

I hope I was able to answer all your questions. Enjoy playing and have a wonderful day :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, that sumarizes perfectly! :smiley:

One last question, what are the benefits when the guild levels up?

No problem; I’m more than happy to help and answer questions.

There are different benefits, depending on the level that you attain. For instance, when we made it to level 7, we gained:

  • four additional member slots (from 34 to 38); and
  • one new elite member title (from three to four).

We are currently sitting at 13.82K guild points, and need 14.50K total to get to level 8. Once we get to level 8 (which should be any time soon!), we will be gaining an additional elite member title (from our current four to five total).

Based on the current information available on the other guilds ranked above us (#4 isn’t too shabby; our guild is growing strong :sunglasses:), it appears that one additional member slot is granted at both levels 9 and 10. While there may be other guild benefits available at those levels, we won’t be able to know until we’re a bit closer.

If there’s interest, I can post all the guild benefits we can look forward to at the next level, every time we level up. I can also post the weekly elite member rankings (username, current points, current elite ranking).

Let me know if you have any more questions. I’m more than happy to help :slight_smile:

AfterI stopped being a noob player. I did my best to contribute, doing super check ins daily and buying lottery tickets whenever I can.
Currently I’m on the first page, just under the last premium member :smiley:

What is a premium member by the way?

I hope will soon be able to at least hit 25 check ins daily, I’d love those stones coming daily

Hallo everybody, playing this game for about two weeks, I found your guild and was watching it for a couple of days until there was a free vacancy, so I could join it three days ago! I liked both: Joining an active guild and the name. I love to wander, and it’s a funny fact that the word ‘wanderlust’ is the same in English and German. So: Happy I could join you! Have a nice day everybody!

Hi, I’m sorry, but I had to quit the game. So you can kick me off the guild. I wish you a good day.

Hi. I am keen to join the guild. Is the guild open for recruitment?

I am a level 60.

Hey all. We really need to be a LOT more active with the check ins and such. There are people in the gokd that are at 25 even 28 days since last check in. I understand 1 to 9 days yadda yadda but I feel that if someone consistently goes 5 days without a check in should be warned and kicked after 3 occurrences. I want our guild to benefit and become huge.

We need more people checking in. We haven’t had enough people check in to get any rewards in months. There are multiple people who haven’t checked in in over 80 days. How can we get our guild more active?

Thank you to everyone in the guild who does check in!