Videos not Working

I can’t watch any videos. The bug used to only be after a focus session to increase the rewards and would eventually allow me to watch it and move on. However, the last week or so I haven’t been able to watch any videos ever, either after focus session or to boost Rainy the Whale. In fact, the Rainy the Whale video button is always grayed out.

Anytime I press ‘watch video’ after a focus session or press the grayed-out 4hr boost video for Rainy the Whale. I assume you (the dev) would like to be making money from me watching these ads so I hope it’s something that can be fixed!

I love this game I hope more people start playing it and it keeps getting updates! There are a lot of focus apps out there but none quite like this one

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Just to update it seems like it’s started to work again. I just watched a video to boost Rainy the Whale. So after almost a week of not being able to watch any videos it looks like it fixed itself? If anything changes I’ll update this post again

Thank you for let us know. We’ve checked with our ad provider that everything is working fine. Currently there’s a glitch that button is still greyed out even the ads is ready so can you please try to click the button before we applied a fix? Thanks!

I’m having the same problem. Don’t know what to do. I can’t complete daily task of watching 6adds because of this. And I won’t mind watching add or two reduce boost whale. Can you please do something😥

To boost*
Not reduce😅

And when I press video button it says video is not ready. Now it’s been about two days. If this didn’t get fixed within this week i’m uninstalling this. Other than that a great app. But when it doesn’t work as before it make me frustrated. Either stop giving tasks of watching videos or fix this.


This is due to some unexpected interruptions from our existing ad networks. We’ve enabled more networks yesterday. Can you please let us know if the situation is fixed?

Thank you for your help!