Videos don't work


Many of the videos for bonuses are not working on my phone. They’re flickering and never actually end. I’ve missed out completely on topaz and crystals. Loving the game but this is frustrating!
Android ZTE grand X4


Hi @Bellalalatrix,

I’m sorry to hear that you are having issues with Wokamon. Can you please screenshot the video when it stops loading? We’ll report to our ad provider (again).



Hey I’ve tried to include a few, though it’s happened with others too (the star wars game, which I haven’t seen in a couple days, and the garden did it once). I’ve missed out on easily 100 topazes (it’s happened a lot on the 18 topaz one), and many xp boosts and crystals.





Hi @Bellalalatrix thank you for your information. We’ll pass these to our ad providers as well. They’ve asked us to confirm with you that you’ve tried to load ads under different internet conditions as ads are best served under a good wifi connection?


I’m usually on WiFi, it’s happened regardless.