Videos don't work

Many of the videos for bonuses are not working on my phone. They’re flickering and never actually end. I’ve missed out completely on topaz and crystals. Loving the game but this is frustrating!
Android ZTE grand X4

Hi @Bellalalatrix,

I’m sorry to hear that you are having issues with Wokamon. Can you please screenshot the video when it stops loading? We’ll report to our ad provider (again).


Hey I’ve tried to include a few, though it’s happened with others too (the star wars game, which I haven’t seen in a couple days, and the garden did it once). I’ve missed out on easily 100 topazes (it’s happened a lot on the 18 topaz one), and many xp boosts and crystals.

Hi @Bellalalatrix thank you for your information. We’ll pass these to our ad providers as well. They’ve asked us to confirm with you that you’ve tried to load ads under different internet conditions as ads are best served under a good wifi connection?

I’m usually on WiFi, it’s happened regardless.

I am having a similar issue where one particular ad (Billionaire Casino) always fails to end. I watch it to the end and the X pops up in the upper right and left corners, but clicking on them does nothing. I can’t ever get back into the Wokamon app without restarting the app and loosing whatever experience, topaz or crystal credit that I was going to get before watching the video. This only happens with the Billionaire Casino ad, all other ads I can watch and close just fine. I’ve lost tons of progress, XP, crystals, and topaz over this glitch and it’s very frustrating. I have included a screen shot of the ad below. I would really appreciate some help with this issue.

@Christina_Dent how about now?

@marspark Nope, it still won’t close. I just got the same ad in the game again and tried it. Here’s a screen shot of it below. I played the mini game and waited till the timer ended but it won’t let me X out of the add to return to wokamon. Now I will have to close the app and restart it on my phone to be able to get back to playing in wokamon. I just lost a big xp bonus because of it.

Hi @Christina_Dent, I’ve disabled all ads except Facebook and Admob (that ad is clearly not one of them). Can you please also update to our latest version (v2.9)?

Please let me know if this ad shows again after a few tries (it may still happen a few time before it gets out of your cache). Also please let me know user name so I can send some topazes to your account.


Thanks for the help @marspark! So far so good. :slight_smile: I haven’t seen the ad yet, but if it shows up several times over the next few days, I’ll let you know. I updated to v2.9 as soon as it came out and I have also cleared my ad cache. My username is Christina Dent in the game. I appreciate the help!

Thank you for the help, appreciated!