"video not ready, try again later"

hi, im facing a problem whereas the ad just wont show it kept saying “video not ready,try again later”
there’s no way for me to close the pop-up window and i can’t water my plants i can’t do anything with ONLINE mode
I can only use offline mode and whenever I go online the same window will pop up
honestly, at this point, I don’t need to have 200% rewards by watching whatever videos anymore…may i know just how can i close the pop up window so i can water my plant (sorry I’m a new user)

@shesshy Where are you from?

@shesshy You can untick the watch videos ads and press the ok button to continue the game. The green color means ticked to watch the videos ads. Sometimes, I unticked the green color that meant do not watch videos ads.

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omg it worked!!! thanks a million!!!

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