Video Ads button missing

Since latest update the video ads icon on the homepage and the tab in the shop area have been missing. I’ve tried restarting and redownloading the app, but they are still missing.

The gold and silver chests are also no longer giving video ads.

How are we suppose to collect topazes earned for steps? Please fix.

P.S. At the beginning of each new day the icon re-appears on the homepage. It allows you to view approximately 10 videos then the icon disappears again. While the icon is available you also are able to view gold and silver chest videos. Once the icon disappears, the videos no longer appear in the gold or silver chests.

You can still earn gold chests with steps but you won’t get any video ads for the rest of the day.

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I have the same issue but my husband 's game seems fine.

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Thank you for your feedback. We’ll look into this issue.

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Thanks for fixing the video ad icon and the video chests.

  1. The icon now has a message that states you have reached your daily video ad limit but video chests are still available.
    A) What is the daily limit?
    B) And why is it no longer based on steps?

  2. why has the 999 topaz Lucky Draw x 10 chest returned? Since lucky draws are only 36 topazes, this makes no sense.

Hi Maria,

Thank you for your feedback, here’s our answers to your questions:

A) The daily limit is 10 times/day
B) We’ve changed the ad mechanism because we feel it’ll be fair for everyone to enjoy the game. We will release a daily task system soon so you’ll get rewarded if you walk more.

  1. The 999 topaz lucky draw will gurantee a NEW accessory. The chance of getting a NEW accesory for 36 topaz chest is still relatively small.

Any other concerns please let us know :slight_smile:
Happy walking!

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Thank you for your explanations. This app keeps me motivated to move and is my number one fun activity app. Anxiously awaiting pocket plants release on Apple Apps, so I’ll have a backup app while I wait for new Wokamons and planets.