Video/ad problems

Ads/videos won’t want to load lately. This has been off and on for a couple of weeks, but really bad the hast two or three days. Usually the problem is limited to playing an ad for bonus steps, but now it’s all ads.

It’s random, and seems to go for long periods of time, then everything works as normal. It doesn’t matter if I am on WiFi at work, home, or on mobile data. I tried clearing the game cache without luck, then I removed and reinstalled the game. No difference. Lucky the reinstall found my cloud save.

In the order section, the daily 3 are greyed out 1/3. I managed to watch one a bit ago, just by luck.
The message is “We are waiting for the next available video. Please come back in a bit.”

I repeatedly had the same message today when I was trying to revel the plants for the burnt wood order, but it worked eventually.

I never seem to see a little orange video button randomly to get an order ahead of time when I am having the problem.

For the main videos on the home screen for my daily 15 ads to get rubies:
Title "Video is underway"
Message “We are waiting for the next available video. Please come back in a bit.”

Collecting steps usually gives me:
“Oops, video isn’t ready yet, maybe another time.” – I’ve lost out on so many steps (I can’t even imagine) because I just give up. This has been an issue for a long time, off and on.

Lately, it’s just gotten worse, and with the xmas event (thanks for that, by the way), I want to maximize my steps and orders!

I am in the US, running Android 6.0.1 with the October 5 security patch.


Hi scotantaco,

Thank you for reporting the issue. You see those messages simply because the ad filling is not available to your device at that given time. Your situation seems a bit extreme since the filling rate for Android device should be around 50%. What’s your device model may I ask? And also do you watch a lot of rewarded videos in other games?


Hi Mars,

It was a week or two when it was really bad. It’s been pretty ok since, and I don’t know what was different. Same network, etc. I still have pauses before videos go “green” particularly when collecting steps, but this is how it always was. I think whatever it was isn’t much of a thing anymore.

The only other game I play with ads is wordscapes, but these are short and can be dismissed right away. I haven’t seen any issues there.

Thanks for replying,


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