V5.3 Release Notes (Fitness RPG)

Hi guys, I’m excited to let you know that v5.3 is now released.

Release notes

New Feature

  • Introduces bracket SS for advanced players


  • Updated tournament rewards for all brackets

Happy walking!

Did we decide to change the point requirements for the brackets while we were at it? Randomly shot up to S… when I’ve been in A for quite some time.

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Yes, we’ve changed the requirement for each bracket so that you’ll face opponent that has a closer power level as you. Although you are promoted from A → S, you’ll still stay in the 2nd highest bracket and bracket S has substantially better rewards than A (you’ll earn glory from battle outcomes which is exclusive in bracket S and SS).


Cool. Keep up the good work and new mods on Fitness RPG!

Hi Designers,

Relatively new player, obsessed with the game [kudos to you, well done!], frequent poster of positive vibes, and generally an all-around-fan.

[…with a build-up like that, the obvious other shoe falls:]

Regarding the Arena Battles, I do believe that your “pairing” system fails consistently. Carefully reviewing my opponents Team (Build of all Heroes, Pets, and actual Point Value, in addition to Level) over the past two weeks, your system pays highest attention to just the playing Team Value, ignoring Player Strength, Equipment Bonuses, Pet Bonuses, and other factors that significantly affect the Arena Battles.

Simple example from the Despair Abyss Server: Any 2 players ranked between 64-80, with Hero+Pet teams valued between 142k-180k will often be paired together in the G-League. One of these teams, quite often the one that “appears” to be lower value, might actually consistently be about the top 1-4 players in the League , while the other “higher value” player might never be able to win against the top 1-30 in the league due to the underlying factors.

The difference behind the scenes for these two players might be:

  1. Top Player owned by a higher-level subscriber; or,
  2. Top Player owned by someone willing spend as much as they need to win outright; or,
  3. Top Player has better equipment by pure luck (never one to discount this possibility); or,
    4+. Every other potential scenario that I’ve left out due to my desire for brevity (and/or ignorance on the number of other situations).

Regardless of the reason of the disparity, I believe it likely that the arena would be more appealing to all of players were truly better matched, even if that meant holding some players back in lower leagues longer than others. When each match holds as close to 50/50 odds on winning, the system would be perfect… at least in my opinion.

Thank you for the message board, and the great game, Chris

Hi Chris, thank you for your feedback. The Arena pairs players according to their arena points, not team power. We are placing players of similar team power in the same bracket but differences will be inevitable.

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