V5.1 Release Notes (Fitness RPG)

Hi guys, v5.1 is now live.

Release notes

New Feature

  • 3rd active skill: unlock the 3rd active skill slot when your hero reaches 7-star and learn a powerful skill from skill books. Epic skills can be upgraded once your hero reaches 8-star.


  • Some UI optimizations

Please let us know your feedback and if there’s any problem!

Happy walking!

Hey thanks for adding more features, much appreciated.

I am experiencing a bug with the new version. I just evolved a warlock to level 6 and when I click on him in the book to get the rewards the games crashes/closes every time.

I want to thank you and hope this is an easy fix!

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I have been having the same issues after evolving multiple characters since this latest update.

Thank you for helping to keep the game running and advancing!

@Solidarity @Kaycie_Lanpher Thank you for reaching out. We’ve released an update to fix this issue. Please head to the store page to download it.

Hi folks - three questions with this release.

1/ Do you have any information anywhere about how the spellbooks work?

I sometimes get books when I wish at the Tree of Origin, and I know I need them to increase my 7-star characters’ third active skills.

But do I disenchant them first, or does disenchanting them destroy their power? And how do I know which books I need to use with which characters.

2/ Do you have any more information about how to activate book privileges?

I’ve seen the phrase used repeatedly, but no information about what this actually involves. Is it just about collecting more heroes and then levelling them up?

3/ Speaking of collecting more heroes - I’m at the point where I’ve got all the heroes except for 2 of the 6,000-gem ones, and the ones available in the Guild Coin market.

I know the only fast way to get gems is to pay real money for them - is there any way to get Guild Coins faster? At the moment, the most I can see that it’s possible to get per day is 40 (from a Super Check-in, which costs 100 gems a day).

That means that the very fastest you can get a hero from this market is once every 82 days (almost every 12 weeks).

Is there any other way to acquire new heroes faster than this, beyond paying for gems (bearing in mind that I only have 2 of those left to buy - after that, the guild market heroes are the only ones available)

Thanks for your help!

I spent money to get 10 essence of origin. I used it and got books and other random items. I don’t know where they went or how to access them. My mage is upgraded to seven stars.

Hi, thank you for reaching out. The additional skill slot will be unlocked when your hero reaches 8-star.