V5.1 Release Notes (Fitness RPG)

Hi guys, v5.1 is now live.

Release notes

New Feature

  • 3rd active skill: unlock the 3rd active skill slot when your hero reaches 7-star and learn a powerful skill from skill books. Epic skills can be upgraded once your hero reaches 8-star.


  • Some UI optimizations

Please let us know your feedback and if there’s any problem!

Happy walking!

Hey thanks for adding more features, much appreciated.

I am experiencing a bug with the new version. I just evolved a warlock to level 6 and when I click on him in the book to get the rewards the games crashes/closes every time.

I want to thank you and hope this is an easy fix!

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I have been having the same issues after evolving multiple characters since this latest update.

Thank you for helping to keep the game running and advancing!

@Solidarity @Kaycie_Lanpher Thank you for reaching out. We’ve released an update to fix this issue. Please head to the store page to download it.