V3.1 Release Notes

Hi guys,

I’m pleased to let you know that v3.1 is live. This update is mainly for UI optimization as well as some gaming experience tweaks. Your feedback is highly appreciated!

Release Notes


  • Collect Fit Chest on the main screen
  • Collect Daily Fit Quests in the quest section
  • Re-arranged other fit related UI elements for easier access
  • Purchase guild shop items now consume Guild Coin, and no longer reduce the contribution
  • Leave a guild will not reset Guild Coin
  • Mail announcements for lottery results
  • Click the gap between buttons will no longer close the popup
  • Arena outfit rewards are rotated every season

Bug fixes

  • Step to energy ratio display
  • Powerup’s new status
  • Random crashes during tutorials
  • Stuck at 3-7

Happy walking!


And you rearranged the tabs! Saved me a few repetitive clicks doing the daily quests today. :clap:

As a guild leader, this will make kick decisions a lot easier and more fair! As a guild member, may the top contributors trickle towards the top of the list where they belong. :clap:

Also, nice that you kept the previous total for a smooth transition. Excellent. Made a small purchase. Worked as advertised! Love it! :clap:

(If I had been allowed just one improvement in the update, this feature would have been it. :slightly_smiling_face:)

The math looks good to me now. :+1:

Nothing but good things to say about this update so far! No problems found yet. :clap:

P.S. Saw quite a few more ads over the last hour or so. All had countdown timers. None lasted more than 30 seconds. Some lasted less. The ads are back to how they once worked. As I reported earlier, yesterday’s ads had no countdown timers and all were very long. Very annoying. So, that problem seems to have fixed itself, at least for me. Must have just been a temporary fluke from your ad provider.


Just noticed the buff description has been changed when you’ve already walked your first 10,000 steps. Much better! No longer implies that you aren’t a SuperPass subscriber. :+1:


However, once I walked 10,000 steps, the power-up buff description now says 0% more for the first 10,000 steps (which is incorrect, shouldn’t say 0%). It also says the buff has run out (which is correct).

The SuperPass buff description still shows 200% (which is correct) and that the buff has run out (also correct).

This minor power-up description bug is the only bug I’ve found in the past few hours, so it’s been a great update so far. :clap:

Of course, right after I said that this happened.

Note that parts of the interface are missing. The blue arrow pointing to 10-10 was blinking normally, but clicking on 10-10 did nothing. There was also no way to exit without closing the app, since there was no interface to click on. Seems related to the bug I was sometimes getting before this update, when clicking on the arena.

Didn’t lose anything, since I save often. I was able to continue normally once I reloaded.

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Loved the optimizations. Made playing more efficient.

The small addition of “n more steps to next chest” on the home screen effectively adds motivation. Thanks!