V3.0.8 Release Notes

Hi guys,

We are pleased to let you know that v3.0.8 is live for all players (Android players should have received it a couple of days ago). This update does not include any major UI optimizations which we are discussing in this post: Need your feedback on the upcoming UI changes

*****update: There’s a known issue with step->energy ratio display which will be addressed in the next mini update. The actualy conversion is correct though.

Release Notes


  • Allow access to hero/pet when inside the Guild/Arena/Glyph page
  • Able to collect past day’s energy in History
  • Increase the click area of next/prev pet
  • Minor UI changes in the Fit Tower page

Balance changes:

  • First Common mine access each day is now free
  • Adjust the Fit-Pts requirement for the first 3 Fit Chests

Bug fixes:

  • Cannot claim Fit Chest in History sometimes

Please let me know if there are any problems.

Happy walking!


Just updated to new version. Thank you! Works great on my iPad! :+1: (Also works great on my iPhone.)

When you switched from energy per 10 steps to energy per 100 steps, a display bug appeared on the multiplier. Lost the percentage and gained 10x. Should show 756% for me (556% from upgrades and 200% from SuperPass).


Don’t know why I didn’t see this earlier (too focused on the numbers?), but the Fit-Pts section (as seen in the picture) isn’t aligned well. It’s way too far to the left. Probably doesn’t need saying, but can’t hurt.

@Rhandar, yes I’ve confirmed there’s a display issue here. It should say 27.2 (+205.63) [205.63 = 27.2 * 756%). The actual calculation is correct though.

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Your math looks solid to me but the display needs another fix. :thinking:


It’s not exactly the same math because I’ve powered it up a bit. Should now show 27.3 (+207.2) [207.2 = 27.3 * 759%].

It’s off by 27.3. Looks like 759% turned into a 659%. Maybe the SuperPass only got credit for 100% in the display instead of 200%? Or maybe it’s just off 100% for everyone? :thinking:

Opps sorry my last calculation is wrong.

If the total is 759% then it means the final value is 759% times your base value. Therefore the value in the bracket will minus 100% because the base value is 100%. 27.3 (+179.9) in percentage would look like 100% (+659%).


I think you were right the first time, unless you’ve changed things a lot more than I thought you have. I used to be able to take the percentage for the multiplier (559%), add the SuperPass percentage (200%), divide the total by 100, add 1, multiply the base value, and then multiply that by 1.6 (spending crystals) to come up with the total amount I could expect to see added when I walk the first 10,000 steps.

I’ve added up all my multiplier upgrades. It comes up to 459%. Although it doesn’t say so in the picture above, the first one must give 100% to get to 559% (as seen in the total when I click on total).

So, if the first one gives 100% then how can it convert more energy if that’s the only upgrade you have? Surely the first upgrade offers more than just nothing (multiplying by 1). The second upgrade gives you an 80% bonus. The third one gives you another 60%. But the first one gives you nothing? :thinking:

Just to reiterate, if you upgrade once and have no SuperPass, then you claim your final value will be 100% times your base value. That would mean the first multiplier upgrade does nothing. I think the first upgrade gives an additional 100% now, because that makes more sense based on what I’ve seen previously and what the second upgrade now gives you. And if it doesn’t now, then maybe it should. Because an upgrade that does nothing would not be very fun.

In any event, I will try to walk very close to 10,000 steps and I will update this post with exactly how much energy I gain and the math I think goes with it. If this is only a display problem and the underlying calculations remain the same, then we’ll have an answer to this. And for what it’s worth, I think you were right the first time.

Update: I finished walking so now we have proof. You were definitely right the first time. That means there is still a display bug.

859% of my base value is 234.5. I walked 10,000 steps, which means I should see 23,450 energy. I walked an additional 140 steps and that gives me another 38 energy (140/100x27.3). I therefore should expect to see 23,488 energy added. I actually see 23,490 energy, which is well within the rounding error.

That’s exactly what it should show (my base value plus my base value x 759% as an added bonus, which adds up to a grand total of 859% of my base value), and it does not.

I also was given exactly I expected to get when I spent the crystals for a 60% boost. So, the math all checks out. The underlying calculations have not changed. This is just a display bug.

And this is a reminder that there’s another display bug after 10,000 steps have been synced. I mentioned it in a previous post somewhere but did not supply a picture. Should show 0 inside the parentheses.


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I think the description is bit confusing right now, because says that will convert XX% more energy, so the description let us understand that will be base plus bonus, not base plus bonus is the total value of the multiplier.
Maybe you could change the description to be clear that is not more energy, but the total energy.

Look this. This is showing base ± base value. Doesn’t look right.

Mine looks worse. :crazy_face:

Your Fit-Pts line is aligned! I figured it was off for everyone. I therefore should have made it clear that the alignment problem is happening on my iPad.

As seen below, there is no alignment problem on my iPhone. The bug is only on my iPad.


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