V2.0 Display bug: Winner lottery display

The winning lottery display has some display issue for some time. I’m finally posting it today.
Note: The issue is really common amd I’m facing it for some time. Also, the bug displays all the tickets i purchased in last week

Hi, can you please elaborate a bit more? The tickets under ‘Your winning ticket(s): 0’ are the tickets you bought for the next draw, all tickets you bought during before last draw are removed once the ‘Winning ticket from last draw’ is announced.

The tickets listed under “Your winning tickets: 0” shall list only the winning tickets, but it is listing all the tickets i purchased last week.

Is this intentional that all my tickets gets listed, or a bug?

Sorry I was confused so please ignore my last answer.

And yes, it lists all the tickets you bought from last week and it’s intentional. We think it’s a little pointless to list just the winning ticket since it’ll will just repeating the winning ticket combo. Listing all the tickets from past week is helpful so that a player will be certain if he/she wins or not.


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