V1.4.0 Release Notes

Hi guys, I’m pleased to announce that v1.4.0 is live:

Release notes


  • Daily fit quest: complete fit quests to earn energy while adopting healthy habits!
  • Notification Settings: turn on/off notifications


  • Introduce more powerups

Balance changes:

  • Reduce crystal costs for getting more energy from walking

The issue with overwriting progress when switching server is NOT YET included in this build. Hope you’ll enjoy the new update and contents, please let us know your feedback :slight_smile:

Happy walking!


I like the new fit goal quests. I am a little confused about what talents are, though.

Yeah I was about to ask the same thing too. I can’t find anywhere that talents are listed in the game. Perhaps it meant skills?

Sorry guys, I meant power-ups (it used to be called talents long time ago)

Cant find any nrew stuff about daiky fit quests. Where can I see new information?

Wish you guys would disclose everything you do in your updates. You seem to have changed the Mage’s Arcane Blast to prevent it from being your first attack. Ever since the update I’ve been in 100 battles and it has yet to be my Mage’s first move. Prior to that, it was around 20-25% of the time.

Hi @Brent_Musgraves, I’ve just checked with our game designer and my own progress and confirm that Arcane Blast hasn’t been changed and can be cast on first move. Please give it a few more tries.

There’s a new area in the homepage, between heroes and arena.

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@marspark Thank you. Google Play didnt allowed me to get latest version. I got it and now everything is ok.