V1.3.2 Release Notes

Hi guys,

Here’s the full release note for V1.3.2.


  • Optimization for iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max

Balance changes:

  • Reduce silver cost for leveling pets
  • Reduce honor coin cost for purchasing pet fragments in the honor shop
  • Slightly increase the chance to drop pet fragments during battle
  • Adjust the crystal cost for mutating pets
  • Purchase more silvers and energy in the honor shop and guild shop

Bug fixes:

  • Pet rebirth crash
  • Pet stats error
  • Cannot level advanced passive skills to level 50

Some of the most recent feedback is not included in this version and we’ll discuss them once we are back to work. Also, we’ve sent over some crystals for the reduced cost to level pets and purchase pet fragments.

We might also release a minor version during the holidays to fix the Apple Watch step count issue.