V1.3.10 Release Notes

Hi guys,

Here’s the full release notes for V1.3.10.


  • Guild leader takeover: when a guild leader is absent for a period of time, other members can take over the guild (co-leaders first)

Balance changes:

  • X-10 stages will drop ‘Silvers’ instead of ‘Ancient Runes’


  • Loot empty: loot will always get items/silvers
  • More account information when changing servers
  • View pet information before adding to your battle teams

Bug fixes:

  • Stamina/silvers don’t increase after switching servers for some players
  • Always show ‘data conflict’ popup after switching servers for some players


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I’m so excited for the guild takeover. Our leader has been out for more than a month ago it’ll be good to have that swap so we can level up and such. I’m looking forward to hearing how that is actually done.

Also not having empty loot and getting silver Instead of runes will be awesome.

Thanks for the improvements!

Hi, it takes 8 days for co-founders to take over the guild and 10 days for normal members. The count is added on the day we release v1.3.10 so please give it a couple of more days.