V1.1.0 release notes

Hi guys,

Here’s the full list of v1.1.0 release notes.

Release notes


  • Dark rush: the Dark Spirit army is approaching, take part in the daily quest and defeat as many waves as possible!
  • New arena outfit
  • Change avatars


  • Reduced exp required before level 25
  • Optimize gaming performance
  • 5-star batch sell

Bug fixes

  • Data rollback
  • Magnet resource collect issue

Balance changes

  • Warrior
    • [Taunt] now grants an additional buff: reduce normal attack damage by 12%
    • [Wrath] increase the casting chance slightly but reduce the number of times it can be triggered
  • Knight
    • [Sacrifice] now grants an additional buff: reduce skill attack damage by 12%
  • Rogue
    • [Survival] increase dodge rate slightly
  • Mage
    • [Arcane Barrage] increases damage slightly
    • [Arcane Twister] increases damage slightly
  • Warlock
    • [Curse] reduce damage and dot damage slightly
    • [Doom] increase damage slightly