V0.6 damage explanation

Why is it that after V0.6 the story mobs are now doing about 2x the damage they did before the Update and my heroes does like 0.75x the damage on the mobs? (In 5-10) is it because my heroes are level 45 and the mobs are level 60 so I just need to level my heroes?
And backstab has an issue right now instead of getting increased damage it’s lowered to 12% less then the auto attack, so it’s not worth using the skill…

Hi @Lind,

The mob level wasn’t fined tuned in our previous version since we didn’t expect these many players to participate in our Beta. Your damage is reduced slightly because of the manual cast system.

Despite the changes, we’ve tried our best to balance everything with the new manual cast system and other balance changes. If there’s anything you think is out of shape, then please let us know!

Thank you very much for your participation, patience, and understanding!

Happy walking!

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Hi Mars

I edited my post to add the issue with backstab, but I think it was a few moments after your reply. Is backstab now doing the correct damage then?


I’ll pass your concern to our game designer when he comes back from holiday and we’ll discuss this:slight_smile: