V0.18 Release Notes (Focus Quest)

Hi guys,

I’m excited to let you know that v0.18 is now released.

Release Notes

New feature

  • Raid: join a group of allies for an epic expenditure


  • Rewards for ad progress event
  • Able to delete account from the settings page


  • Bind shikudo account

Please let us know if there are any problems.

Hi I think there’s an error or bug with the Raids … I accidentally left the road and now can’t rejoin ?? Or is that part of the game mechanics ? The error message I’m getting when I’m trying to join a raid party is “rejoin CD not end”. And this is with raid parties that are not full yet nor any amount of people in the party. Thanks for your help

I believe there is a cooldown to join a new group when leaving the old one. I think it is 24 hours.

“Rejoin CD not end” translates to “The cooldown to rejoin a new group has not ended yet”, although getting a timer to make it more transparent would be beneficial so this is not seen as a bug.