V0.16 Release Notes (Focus Quest)

Hi guys,

I’m excited to let you know that v0.16 is now released.

Release Notes

New feature

  • Focus Pass: subscribe to receive daily rewards and activate privileges such as ‘skip ads’ and etc


(stats change will become effective immediately and used in battle calculations, but you need to update the app to see the stats change in your client)

  • Increase the random attribute stats for Epic and Legendary gears
  • Adjust and improve the rarity buff and star buff for gears
  • Greatly increase the stats for all glyphs
  • Advanced training options appear after reaching level 80 and stage 10-1
  • Basic training options: every 10’s level requires time coin beyond level 200
  • Time Rift’s exploration time: 10 → 7 days, cost for skip waiting: 500 → 300 gems, cooldown for skip waiting: 7 → 4 days
  • Update some skill descriptions
  • Increase the chance to apply special effects for some skills
  • Update some story copies in order to remove gender-specific terms

Please let us know if there are any problems.