V0.12 - Thoughts on Time Rift Pass

Hi Everyone,

new patch - new things to explore.

I’m a big fan of progression rewards, and it cherishes the active player as multi-day and long-term rewards are a great way for that. Adding a pass to increase those rewards is fine, as you guys need to make money.
But when rewards for paid content are so good to the point where they cannot be ignored, in my opinion, things get tricky.

My thoughts below are under the assumption, that PvP will come to the game at some point.
I mean, what is an RPG if you can’t battle other players.

For 30€ for the Pass I can get:

  • 5 Legendary Yellow Glyphs
  • 5 Epic Purple Glyphs
  • 5 Rare Blue Glyphs
  • 1700 Glyph XP
  • 7000 Gems

When finishing the campaign and gear sets, the only way to gain an edge in terms of power is through the Training Levels, Glyphs, and the Talent Tree.
So in short: Glyphs are an excellent way to gain an edge over your opponents.

Time Rift was released with Patch V0.9 on the 26JUL2021. Since I have not gotten any legendary glyphs except the one legendary Health Glyph from the shop, a fair comparison can be made of how valuable this 30€ pack actually is.
Note that Purple Epic Glyphs are also dropping in fights in the Dungeon so I’ll exclude them from this comparison.

4 months of Time Rift has gotten me in terms of the rare Glyphs:

  • 3 Divine Glyphs
  • 2 Legendary Glyphs

Now I’d call myself lucky to have 3 divine Glyphs, but we are also talking about a 4-month time period.

Comparing, that in 4 months I have gotten 5 rare drops out of the Time Rift dungeon and I can have another 5 rare drops from buying a pack every month, combined with Glyphs being one of the few ways to gain an edge in terms of power, I think this pack is a must-buy for everyone striving for the top, but not everyone is comfortable spending 30€ a month on a mobile game.

My solution would be to make the 30€ pass available to buy with gems as a second option to real currency.

I’ll probably buy the pass because the rewards are simply too good. During my time playing with other people in the Time Rift, I have not encountered other players with my player level. From experience, I can say if you have smelled of what it’s like to be in the top 10 or top 50, you likely want to stay there, sort of psychologically forcing me to buy the pass.
If I don’t buy it, I’m gonna have a sour taste in my mouth from other players buying their way to the top.

What are your thoughts?

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