V0.11 Release Notes (Focus Quest)

Hi guys, I’m excited to let you know that v0.11 is now live. We are trying out a new distributing system so you should have already received the update without downloading the app from app store.

Release notes


  • Main quest: claim rewards when completing various quests
  • Mystic cabin: add play x10 to save time
  • Timejump: able to watch a video ad to timejump


  • Add more achievements
  • Add more altar bosses and adjust their difficulty
  • Increase exp, time coin, star stone, and pts rewards in mystic cabin
  • Increase star stone costs when improving gears
  • Increase silver rewards
  • Able to click on a destination more than 1 block away in Time Rift
  • Some UI improvements

Please let us know if there’s any problem!

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Nice, thanks

Hmm, not so happy but ok.
Btw there is a bug after updating someone posted, pls take a look.