Uses for crystals?

I know there has been a lot of chat on this topic already, but what can you use crystals for? I’ve maxed out all I can buy and I have so many crystals piling up! I like the old system better :frowning:

Wow! You must have played Wokamon for a long time! Have you acquired all the creatures already? How long did you spend to reach this status? :astonished:

I’ve been playing for a couple years. I should be further along because I don’t turn it on and exercise as much as I should! I love Wokamon. I like working on one creature at a time. I could get more creatures and I guess that would give me more initial accessories to buy. Thanks for the response!

Hi @Timber

You need to unlock more Wokamons and then your crystals can be used to unlock their accessories and unlock more worlds.


I’m about to get the last wokamon so what can I use the crystals for ?
I’ll be waiting for topaz to upgrade the accessories :grimacing:
Maybe I’ve played this incorrectly !

@Doreen Congratulations on collecting all Wokamons, you must walk a lot :slight_smile: Currently, crystals become useless once you unlock all Wokamons along with their ‘regular’ accessories.