User Interface Improvement

I know there’s a new user interface coming. I would like to make a request.

As it stands now, if you click on the guild button it takes you to the guild screen. If you click on that very same spot again (for example, by accidentally double-clicking), you’ll click on the exit guild button.

That happened to me once, and as the guild’s leader, a sense of panic occurred! :scream: Fortunately, I was asked to confirm. I read the choices very carefully multiple times before successfully canceling my request to exit the guild. Whew!

I bring it up because yesterday, a guild member exited our guild then immediately rejoined. Fortunately, was new and didn’t lose many contribution points.

And if you are that guild member, don’t worry about getting kicked in the next 24 hours. First, you checked in before you exited. Second, I know you can’t check in for 24 hours after leaving a guild. So don’t worry! It’s all good. :slightly_smiling_face: