Upcoming balance changes

Hi guys,

After discussing the feedback in regarding the recent updates and carefully evaluating the coin/honor coin balance, we are planning to make the following adjustments in the next update which we’ll submit for review today. These adjustments are subject to change.

  1. Reduce the coin cost for leveling pets
  2. Reduce the honor coin cost for purchasing pet chest
  3. Increase the chance to receive pet fragments from battle rewards
  4. You can now purchase more crystal/coin with honor coins in the honor shop



I wish i knew that yesterday :thinking:

Right!? I saw your dissatisfaction in the update thread, and i second it. i’ve been playing since the beta, and this crap has me soooo upset.

@marspark could you look into fireball skill please. Recently I’ve noticed a very big change: I’m lucky if my mage hits Two targets in the story or arena battle. Strangely enough the opposition mage mostly hits two targets. If I have a set that add an EXTRA target, strangely enough it hardly ever hits three targets now.

I have often wondered about this, but I always chalked this up to negative bias. We’re more likely to remember negative things that happen frequently over good events. Numbers are helpful for confirming an anomaly like this because of that negative bias. Perhaps we should be tracking these?

I don’t play my story battles in auto mode, so I decided which opponent to hit & I really see what my heroes do. Only recently I noticed that change. I can have the whole battle without my mages (arch mages) hitting two targets on fire ball.

@Rain @Will_Johnson we’ll have look at this issue. Thank you for your feedback.

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