Unplayable after the last update

Sadly the game is unplayable after this last update. I can’t focus at all… every time I set a timer to focus and lock the phone I come back to a screen that lets me watch a video to continue focus without any progress in focus at all… I can’t keep my phone unlocked to focus for an hour or two, it’s gonna drain my battery… So at the moment i can only get my rain drops from the whale, which slowed down my progress in the game by a lot… hopefully this will be fixed ASAP…

That also happens to me especially if I am charging my phone!

@Kuhz @Annwyl, are you guys using iPhone? There was an issue with iOS and it was patched with the latest update (v1.2.2). Please let me know!

Yes. And I was wrong, I don’t have to be charging for it to happen. Today I was interrupted when the shop refreshed.

Yes, I am using an iPhone X and it seems better for me now after that patch.

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