Unable to view ads

Hi guys,

I don’t know if the issue is specific to me, but many times ads are not available, even though my internet is working. Its so frustrating to have to miss 2x or 3x rewards by unchecking the view ad box.

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@Mannu Where are you from?

Same. I think they are using google ads so sometimes there may not be any ads available, but it would be great if y’all can look into the problem thanks!

@Nailycat Where are you from?

never get the ads.

Must be a small village. I live in a mid-sized german town and I barely had issues with ads. Restarting the app and waiting for a minute always solved my problems.

I discovered that the problem is not geographical
I have a degoogle phone, the ads are from Google. Google want more than to broadcast advertisements, they also want information about us …

Do you need my user ID? id: djj6pz

I’m having the same problem. I’m in the U.S. Ads are not available. I got a new (newer) phone and started from scratch on it. My old phone has ads working (it’s an aging Xiaomi). The newer one is a Samsung Galaxy and ads don’t show up. I’ve looked at setting but don’t seem to find a solution.