Unable to see friends after adding

Hi guys,

Not sure you've encountered the same thing, but I added my friend via the friend code but her profile is constantly stuck in level 1 with the name Techsaur. Does the friend list like doesn't update real time?  In the meantime, my friend's order is always the same every time I log into the game. Even I have other friends, I can't see their orders. 

Not sure if anyone else experiencing the same issue. 

Cheers. :slight_smile:

Hi Quiescent,

Did you add friends from our FB page and forum? Friends added from these two sources are very competitive when it comes to completing friends orders. If you did add friends from these public sources, it’s best to add more to increase the chance to catch available friends orders. Please let me know if your Pocket Plants friends are from a personal circle and still having trouble to see their orders.

Hi Marspark, I added the ID directly from my friend’s phone as I made her played the game too. But the world and detail of the added ID was not the same as what was displayed in my friend’s phone (her name, level, plants are all wrong). Not sure am I the only one who encountered this.

Thanks for the reply. Can I please have both your and your friend’s game ID to further look into this? Thanks!