Unable to open + rewards reset


I’ve been having problems with the app since yesterday. Yesterday and today I couldn’t open the app, but it got stuck even before the loading screen at the Shikudo logo.

The only way to fix this was to reinstall the app. I did this yesterday and today. But reinstalling apparently also comes with a bug: It seems to reset the values of the waterdrops rewards. I’m getting +3300 per session now, while I was getting about +20000 before that (I think).

I hope you can look into fixing these issues.

Sounds like you are not using “Strict Mode”. Can you check that?

Hey, you are right, thanks!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t fix the problem that the app gets stuck at the Shikudo logo.

Hi, please visit the store page and updated the app to v2.9.11. Thank you for your patience!